Concept and Evolution of Panchayat Raj: A Study


  • Dr. Ashish Shakya C M J University Shillong Meghalaya



Panchayat, Local Self-Government, Democracy, Public Welfare, Unsovereign


Panchayat derived from the Sanskrit word, which was named Panchayati Raj in the local self-government system of independent India, this system is an integral part of the local self-government. Which fulfills almost all the needs of the general public. That is why local self-government is considered very important in any political system. The importance of local self-government is also that in the form of a political school, it works to educate and train the people politically. It is such a government unit formed by the act of Central and State Government, in which elected representatives are given within the limits of an area like district town or village and who use the rights given within the limits of their jurisdiction for public welfare. Therefore, local self-government is not only an attribute of democracy, but in other political systems also the concept of local self-government is used to get closer to the people. Various scholars have tried to define local self-government with their own views. Herald J. Laski, clarifying the importance of local self-government, has accepted that "we cannot take full advantage of democratic governance until we recognize that all problems are not central problems and those problems are solved in those places." But they should be solved by the people who are most affected by those problems.


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