• Urmila kumari DSPMU



child development, early childhood education, stress, and the well-being of educators


Early childhood education (ECE) is a crucial developmental stage that establishes the groundwork for wellbeing and lifelong learning. But there are difficulties in the ECE field, and stress among teachers is a widespread problem that has a big impact on both teacher well-being and student outcomes. In-depth analysis of the causes, effects, and possible interventions of stress in early childhood education is provided in this research paper. This paper identifies the sources of stress among early childhood educators, including high workload, low pay, lack of support, and challenging student behaviors. It does this by reviewing the literature and conducting empirical studies. Additionally, it looks into how stress affects teacher burnout, job satisfaction, and the caliber of interactions in the classroom. This study also looks at how stress among educators affects kids' academic performance and socioemotional growth. The article concludes by outlining effective tactics and interventions, such as professional development, organizational support, self-care routines, and policy initiatives, to reduce stress and enhance early childhood educators' well-being. This research paper aims to inform educators, policymakers, and stakeholders in the field by illuminating the complexities of stress in early childhood education and providing evidence-based solutions. In the end, this will help create environments that are healthier and more supportive for both educators and young learners.


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