Envisioning Online Education in the new Education Policy


  • Dr Devendra Kumar Lecturar,English,J.P.N, InterCollege,Nawabganj,Bareilly


New education policy, online education concept, technological advancement, quality improvement, freedom of students


The introduction of the new education policy marks a step towards a significant change in the Indian education system. An important part of this policy is the concept of online education, which aims to make education accessible to more people and improve its quality. Online education means that the education department and students can study through the internet. In this article, we will discuss in detail the importance of envisioning online education in the new education policy and its benefits.
Education is important for the development of the society and technological advancement in the field of education has made the concept of online education an important part. Online education provides students with the opportunity to receive education with different styles and suitability, thereby opening doors to new directions in the field of education. This research paper attempts to present an overview on the concept of online education in the new education policy. The new education policy has been presented by the Government of India and it proposes to improve many aspects of education, of which online education is an important part.
Under the new education policy, various mediums are being used to authenticate online education, such as video classes, online courses, and innovative technologies to facilitate digital education. Its main objective is to make education accessible to more individuals and improve its quality, especially in villages and small towns. The benefits of online education can be not only in delivering education in a better way but also in making education more useful and interesting. Additionally, online education can help students balance freedom and time, and make them more capable.
Hope this summary will help you understand the important aspects of online education in the new education policy as well as its challenges.


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