Complexes of 2-hydroxynaphthylidene-2-aminothiazole with Titanium (III) and Vanadium (III)


  • Daya Veer, Mahe Safia, Mukesh Baboo, and Reshu Johari *Dept. of Chemistry, Constituent Government Degree College, Puranpur, Pilibhit(UP) INDIA **Dept. of Chemistry, Vivekanand (PG) College, Darwara, Bijnor (UP) INDIA ***Dept. of Chemistry, Hindu College, Moradabad(UP) INDIA ****Dept. of Chemistry, Maharaja Agrasen Mahavidyalaya, Bareilly(UP) INDIA



Schiff base ligands, Titanium (III) complexes, Vanadium (III) complexes


The synthesis and characterization of a new series of metal complexes of Titanium (III) and Vanadium (III) as a metal ion and 2-hydroxynaphthylidene-2-aminothiazole as a ligand are studied. The complexes [C14H15N2SO4.TiCl2] and [C14H13N2SO3.VCl2] have been characterized by elemental, infrared, electronic, absorption spectral, and magnetic susceptibility measurements. An octahedral geometry is predicted for Ti(III) and V(III) complexes.


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