Indian history as depicted in Sanskrit literature


  • Dr. Arun Kumar Nishad, Dr. Shikha Agnihotri and Shikharani Assistant Professor (Sanskrit Department), Mother Teresa Women's College, Katkakhanpur, Dwarikaganj, Sultanpur. Assistant Professor (Sanskrit Department), Hindu Girls College, Sitapur, Research student, Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages, Lucknow University, Lucknow.



History writing, Sanskrit literature, Vedic period, modern period. ,


The undertaking of writing historical texts is an important step in the development of Sanskrit literature in the second millennium AD. The concept of history has also been introduced in our tradition through these texts. The meaning of the word Itihaas in Sanskrit is – Iti Ha Aas – What has been happening. The meaning of history is that which has already happened, and may continue to happen in the future also. Purana is their reinterpretation. In Nyayabhashya, Vatsyayana says that the subject of history is folklore. Which is called history in English. Literature has an important place among the means of knowing history. Sanskrit language and literature are important from historical point of view.




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