Continuously Increasing Neo-modernist Trend in Indian Contemporary Painting


  • Harinam Singh Assistant Professor,Department of Painting, Armapur P.G. College Kanpur


Indian painting, modernist, modern period, trend


From ancient times to modern times, Indian painters have been using various styles and techniques to depict the world around them. Under this trend, painters started experimenting by breaking the traditional styles and subjects. Contemporary Indian Painting This neo-modernist trend continues to grow in India. Modern painters are experimenting with new things and expressing new ideas and viewpoints through their art. In the vibrant field of Indian contemporary painting, there is a remarkable and growing trend in making its presence felt, which bears the distinctive signature of Neo-Modernism. This introduction explores the ever-growing Neo-Modernist trend in Indian contemporary painting, focusing on its origins, characteristics and the constantly evolving landscape of Indian art. highlights its influence. The Neoclassical trend in modern Indian painting is a trend that takes ideas from the classical art forms, styles, and subjects of the past, especially historical and general Indian art. Neoclassical artists in India often have distinctive and cutting-edge inventiveness Combine these classical factors with cutting-edge strategies and ideas to create expression.


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