Women Entrepreneurship in Panchayati Raj


  • Dr.Sanjeev Gangwar HEAD, Department of Sociology, Shanti Niketan College, Farrukhabad




Panchayati Raj, System, Women, Entrepreneur


In the current changing environment, women have not lagged behind anyone. Today, women are not limited to handling utensils, utensils, sweeping and raising children within the walls of the house, rather they have created their own identity in every field of politics, business, education and service. has been made Through Panchayati Raj, women's politics has been politicized up to the village level. The feeling of leadership has also awakened among women belonging to educationally and economically backward rural families. Women, who have fallen prey to political ambitions and entered higher politics, are now continuously striving for economic self-reliance. Because they know very well that the present politics is based on money power and it becomes very important to do enterprise to earn money.


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