Nature of Secularism in India: An Overview”


  • Vijay Singh Assistant Professor, Swami Shukdevanand Law College, Shahjahanpur
  • Mridul Shukla Assistant Professor, Swami Shukdevanand Law College, Shahjahanpur


Secularism, Gupt period, Religious tolerance, India


The history of secularism in India goes back to the Maurya and Gupta periods, secularism was rooted in the teachings of Emperor Ashoka. During Ramrajya, people of all religions were free to follow and practice their religion without any discrimination. During the Gupta period Shaivism, Buddhism and Jainism were allowed to develop fully. Alberuni, the first Muslim to study the Puranas, observed a decline in social tolerance in India during the early Muslim period. Alauddin Khilji separated religion from politics and established a new religion for world conquest. Akbar Zainul Abedin of Kashmir enforced religious tolerance by abolishing the Jizya tax and rebuilding Hindu temples. During the Mughal period, Emperor Akbar, influenced by Bhakti and Sufi saints, worked to establish unity and coordination among all religions and sects through his religious policy. Their political and religious consequences were as important for the welfare of Prajna as true worship of God without discrimination of religion and caste.


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