An introduction to the folk art of Uttar Pradesh, "Chowk Purna", made on auspicious occasions.





Folk art, Chowk Purna, auspicious signs, traditions, symbols.


Strengthening the cultural heritage of India, the center of many religions and cultures, the birthplace of Ram and Krishna, Uttar Pradesh is still keeping its ancient culture alive. In the development of Indian culture and art, various folk arts flourished in this region of Ganga-Yamuna. In Uttar Pradesh, folk art (Chaukpurna) is specially created on auspicious occasions. The purpose of making it is to invite Gods and Goddesses and provide them a seat. In the altar built at the place of worship, geometric shapes are made on the ground using dry flour, this is called Chowk, it is also called dust painting. Along with this, it is made for happiness, prosperity, beauty and auspiciousness, here symbols related to special occasion, celebration, ritual, rites, festival and related to it are marked. This folk art has a direct connection with human emotions, hence it has been being made traditionally. The presented research paper is in the special context of "Chowk Purna", the folk art of Uttar Pradesh created on auspicious occasions.


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